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The mind-body-spirit connection is believed to be importantEssential oils, the practical, natural and ethereal energies of lifeand existence. 

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We invite you to explore our services. Book an appointment with our expert. Walk-ins are Welcome. 




Beauty Services Are Our Priority

Face Facial​

Lomilomi SPA

Wellness Relaxing




The Art of Healing: Q Day Spa & las vegas Massage

Experience the art of healing at our las vegas massage spa on NV. Learn about the therapeutic benefits of massage, from reduced stress to enhanced immune function. Join us and discover how we’re redefining relaxation in las vegas.

Body Work

Skilled touch and techniques aimed at relaxation, muscle relief, and overall wellness through body manipulation and soothing pressure.

Face Facial

Professional treatments for facial skin, cleansing, exfoliation, and rejuvenation, enhancing complexion and addressing specific skincare needs.

Aromatherapy service

Holistic treatment using aromatic essential oils, promoting relaxation, alleviating stress & enhancing well-being through inhalation or massage techniques.

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Facial Products

Treatment Package


Sauna Relax

Heat, sweat, unwind, repeat, ultimate relaxation.




Thermal Spa

Warm waters, soothing baths, rejuvenate body.




Body Wrap

Wrap, cocoon, relax, detoxify, rejuvenate, skin treatment.




Floral Bath

Bathing amidst blossoms, fragrant floral escape.




Face Scrub

Exfoliate, cleanse, renew, smooth, glowing skin.




Skin Facial

Cleanse, pamper, rejuvenate




essential oil

Aroma heals, enhances well-being, and relaxes.




Stone Therapy

Heated stones, massage, relax, tension release.




Manicure Pack

Nail care essentials, grooming, polished hands.




Body Massage

Knead, soothe, relax, tension relief, rejuvenation.



We are here to help you.

We invite you to explore our services. Book an appointment with our expert. Walk-ins are Welcome.

What Clients Say

I was in town on business and was not only stressed from the daily grind, but I needed to find a place that could fix my lower back as it was hurting in the lower left region. Nacy was the young lady that helped me and after listening to my explanation of what I had done to injure my body and confirming through her expertise in the function and feel of the human body, she explained to me that I had injured a specific area and the pain was coming from my sciatic nerve. I felt some immediate relief during the massage, but she explained to me that the pain would return and sure enough it did, though not as severe. She then explained to me that this was normal as just like any muscle in the human body even an injured muscle has memory. Which made perfect sense to me as I am currently and have been in the fitness industry over 25 years and I am well versed in muscle memory as I have experienced the highs and lows of being healthy. Ive visited her multiple times in a short span going every other day as per her recommendation and I am extremely happy I listened to her advice. The pain in my back has lessened drastically and although it radiates in different areas she explained this is normal as the pain attempts to leave the body. I am so impressed with the Spa that I rescheduled my departing flight back to the Bay Area so that she can completely heal me.

    Best Massage in las vegas,Very nice staff. Professional masseuses. Great Prices. Highly recommend this business and that you should ask for Cindy! She is the best!

    Lola Bailey


      I had an amazing experience with the essential oil treatments at this spa! The environment was so soothing and relaxing, from the calming music to the soft lighting. The beautician was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, explaining each essential oil's benefits.

      Linette Hayward


      Elevate Your Well-Being at las vegas Massage 24 hours Oriental Spa

      Elevate your well-being at las vegas Massage Spa, the epitome of tranquility in las vegas. Dive into the world of massages and their profound benefits, from stress reduction to improved sleep quality. Join us on Las Vegas NV and experience the difference.

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